DAVE LOMBARDO Had A Plan B When He Started As A Musician

Well, the burning question is who didn’t. Few days ago we posted that our eternal queen Doro had to quit her job to go on tour with the might Judas Priest. Back in the day, to be a rock/metal musician was a synonym of starvation and a disgrace to families. Something to be avoided at any cost. Not easy thing, guys, for real. But, you know, the combination of youth and metal music is explosive, and our heroes didn’t give in.

Okay, I’ll let you read what Lombardo “The Drums Master” has to say:

About school and Metal

“Before my career took off with drums, I was thinking about being a music engineer. Instead, I got a job right out of high school. I was a technical engineer, a draughtsman, the guy that designs enclosures for generators.

“This was right out of high school, it was highly recommended by a teacher. I was a good student.”

How about the Plan B

“No, I gave that s**t up a long time ago. When I was 15 and dreaming about being a rock star, my mom and dad used to say: ‘You’re not gonna make it! It’s only a dream! You gotta think about your education and make sure you do good in school!’

“And then when I was 25: ‘What are you gonna do when you’re 35?! You better find yourself another job!’ [Chuckles]

“Then when I was 35: ‘Hey, this isn’t gonna last forever, you know? You’re getting older…’

“And then 45… It’s like, ‘No. No, no, no, no. I’m a drummer. I’m a musician. This is where I am.'”