DAVE LOMBARDO: ‘What’s Important To Me Is To Stay Creative’


LoudTV.net recently conducted an interview with former SLAYER and current PHILM drummer Dave Lombardo. You can now watch the chat below.

Speaking about PHILM‘s fearless approach to innovation and exceptional affinity for genre blurring, Lombardo said: “I’m making [the listener] think, I’m making journalists dig a little deeper in their mind to try to understand what PHILM is.

“If you put on an album and immediately know, ‘Oh, this is thrash,’ or, ‘This is metal,’ whatever. PHILM at least makes you think.”

Lombardo also talked about his approach to making music and what drives him to push the envelope with the projects that he gets involved with.

“What’s important to me is to stay creative,” he said. “You have to always stay creative, you always have to keep creating music that makes people think, that entertains, and that makes people happy. And makes me happy. It has to make me happy first before I send it out to the world.”

Lombardo was effectively fired from SLAYER after sitting out the band’s Australian tour in February/March 2013 due to a contract dispute with the other members of the group. He has since been replaced by Paul Bostaph, who was previously SLAYER‘s drummer from 1992 until 2001 and recorded four albums with the band.

PHILM released its sophomore album, “Fire From The Evening Sun”, on September 16, 2014 (one day earlier internationally) via UDR. The band’s lineup is completed by guitarist/vocalist Gerry Paul Nestler (CIVIL DEFIANCE), and bassist Francisco “Pancho” Eduardo Tomaselli (WAR).


Source: Blabbermouth