DAVE LOMBARDO: Would I Want My Children To Be Musicians

Dave Lombardo was asked on The Jasta Show whether he’d want his children to be become musicians or pursue any music-related careers. Read what he replied (transcribed by UG) below and also you can hear the whole interview in the widget below:

“I have three kids. I would love for them to continue on whatever it is that their passion is. It’s fortunate that my two boys love music.

“My oldest son David – when he was younger, in my studio I would need somebody to punch me in and I said, ‘Son, when that little clock goes three, zero, three, two, one, I want you to press these two buttons together as soon as it goes into three minutes and 21 seconds.’

“So he would sit there and he would punch me in. That’s a great job. He was my little engineer. And he was probably 6-8 years old, and he would go in there, put his little headphones on and he’d go in there and press the buttons for me.”

Lombardo then added how his son went on to actually become an engineer, saying:

“David, he engineers [now] and he does mixing for commercials and other videos. You know, just like television stuff.

“And then Jeremy, he has a band called Gestures and Sounds which is more of an alternative kind of folk rock.

He continued:

“So, they’re following their own path – they’re just doing it themselves. They’re working hard, and they live about a mile away from me.

“And actually, they live together. They have their own pad together. They’ve got their own jobs, they do their own thing, and I’m very proud of them.

“It was difficult to push them out of the nest because they get used to it, and the next thing you know, it’s like, ‘F**k… Stuff in the refrigerator is missing,’ you know… ‘How about helping me with f**king cable or something? I want you to pinch in! Pay a f**kin’ bill!’

“So, I was able to push them out of the nest, and they’re fending for themselves out there, which is all a parent could ask for – that their kid learns how to survive in this world instead of just using their parents and all the parents’ connections.

“It’s like, get out there, meet people! Do your thing! Pave your own way, man!”