Dave (Longfingers) Jgeria Announces Endorsement From Ernie Ball

I will never forget the day this young man hit me up on KissMyHeavyMetalA*s and asked me to share one of his videos. Not only did it melt my face, but I couldn’t help but notice how long his fingers were (thus the nickname). He stated to me that he had only been playing for two years and was only 16 years old. That floored me because he sounded like he was born with a guitar in his hands. We became friends and I started posting every video that he sent me.

One day not long ago he told me that Ernie Ball had given him an endorsement and was going to send him a John Petrucci signature edition Music Man guitar. He asked me not to share or speak of it until the guitar was in his hands. I sat on it only telling my closest friends (sorry Dave Longfingers, but I had to tell somebody…)

The day has arrived and he has it in his hands. He assures me that there will be new videos very soon! I am so proud of this young man. He is going to be a musical titan.