DAVE MUSTAINE And SCOTT IAN: ‘These New Bands Are Spoilt Motherf-ckers’

Scott Ian Dave Mustaine

MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine and ANTHRAX Scott Ian guitarist were recently interviewed by Metal Hammer.

Speaking about their opinion on the current state of metal music, they said:

Scott: “Well, it’s good! We’re still out, we’re making records, we’re selling tickets, we’re having fun in so many ways. In some ways, nothing has changed from 30-something years ago because we’re still doing the same thing and playing a lot of the same songs. The only thing that’s changed is that the audience has got a lot younger!”

Dave: “I agree with Scott that the audience is younger, perception-wise, but for me, the spirit in our bands is still very young. We love playing this music, because we love that interaction with the fans.”

When asked what advice would they give to someone who’s starting a band right now, they responded:

Scott: “I’d tell security to throw them out. Ha ha! Actually, you know what? So I would tell a new band, ‘Go watch CODE ORANGE.’ They remind me of us in 1981 when all we wanted to do was bang our heads and make people listen to our music.”

Dave: “That’s what’s missing. That is exactly what’s f*cking missing. These f*cking new bands, these spoilt motherf*ckers whose parents are attorneys or doctors, and they take every penny they’ve got and invest it in their productions, so they’ve got the big screens and the explosions and the dancing girls and the inflatables and the f*cking ego ramps. They don’t know what paying their f*cking dues is.”

You can read the entire interview over at Metal Hammer.

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