DAVE MUSTAINE Blasts ‘Gossip Websites’ For Twisting His Words About DAVID ELLEFSON Being MEGADETH Co-Founder

DAVE MUSTAINE Is This Year’s ‘Golden God’

In a new interview with Ticketmaster, MEGADETH frontman Dave Mustaine was asked what was it like to start making music with David Ellefson again back in 2010. He responded: “David and I have been friends for a long time, even during the lawsuit. I had made it clear that I loved him, and I loved his family. I said that the truth would come out and that it was very unfortunate. The lawsuit was dismissed, I forgave him, and we got back in business again. It’s been fun ever since.”

And now he started talking about “gossip websites” that were twisting his words when he said that David Ellefson is not co-founding member of MEGADETH, and that for some reason we don’t like Dave Mustaine, which is not true.  And he continued: “There’s a couple web sites out there that don’t like me and they’re trying to twist some of my words around about David Ellefson being in the band or not being in the band, or being a founding member or not being a founding member. And that s**t don’t matter, because it’s a gossip web site. The truth is, me and Dave are partners, we make good music together, he’s in MEGADETH, we’re going on tour. Hopefully people will know when they see him on stage and not think he’s somebody else. [Laughs]”

In a interview with Real Rock 99.3 in January, Dave was asked if his friendship with David is “closer than ever” now, more than thirty years since they formed the band together, he responded: “No, that’s not true. MEGADETH was already in its formative phase long before I even knew David Ellefson. The name MEGADETH didn’t come up until after Dave and I had met. But there was another bass player before Dave.”

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