DAVE MUSTAINE Confesses ‘I Must Not Know What a Blast Beat is’

During an interview with Rock Talk with Mitch Lafon, Megadeth’s Dave Mustaine was quetioned about his band’s upcoming album and if it would have lots of blast beats, as himself said. Using a kind of black humor, or not really willing to talk about it, Mustaine responded:

“I must not know what a blast beat is.”

The interviewer didn’t loose the dance, and replied saying that eveyone knows what it is, to what Mustaine replied:

“What does it mean to you? What does blast beat mean to you?”

And he tried to explain on his own words that “A blast beat to me – and of course, I’m not a musician – is a style of drumming that I would say Charlie Benante in Anthrax is very accustomed to, just I don’t even know how to explain it. I can’t really explain it.” Poor excuse. Mustaine, then, explained:

“Dirk [Verbeuren, drums] already does that in his own band, so he’s just gonna keep doing what he’s doing in a different band.”

The man insisted: “Is that something you look forward to, to having these new drums…?”; Mustaine tried again:

“Just because you have a blast beat, doesn’t mean that everything is a blast beat.”

Final score: Mustaine 4 x 0 Interviewer