DAVE MUSTAINE: MEGADETH Could Record A New Album Tomorrow If We Wanted To

Dave Mustaine said MEGADETH has plenty of material ready for a new album and could enter the studio tomorrow if they wanted to. He told Loudwire:

“If you’re a musician, you constantly think music, you emote music, so we’re always creating.

“As far as giving you a definitive date when we’re gonna go into the studio, we could go tomorrow if we wanted to. We have enough songs.”

Dave added:

“We’ve got to live life in between records – that’s what Sting said. You need to live life in between records or else your lyrics are stupid.”

Last month, bassist David Ellefson confirmed to The Right to Rock that the band is working on new stuff, saying:

“We’re actually working on a new record.

“Working on it, meaning we’re [collecting] ideas and we’ve been writing some lyrics – just starting to move that next process forward.

“And now that we’re gonna come off the road – we go down to South America and play four shows [in early November] as kind of a final, last big swing down there to see our fans in Chile, Argentina and Brazil – then we’re gonna shut things down through the end of the year and into the New Year for a bit.

“And there’s already some things that are being discussed for some performances next year, in 2018.

“But a big part of that is also going to be writing a new record.”