DAVE MUSTAINE Reveals Title For New MEGADETH Album

Dave Mustaine Cancer Treatment

This past Saturday, January 9, MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine hosted a Masterclass “Front Row Live” for some of his fans, which was broadcasted via Zoom.

As Roadiecrew reports, during the chat, Mustaine was asked if the band picked a title for new album, which is supposed to be released sometime this year.

Mustaine has responded that the current provisional title for 2016’s Dystopia follow-up is The Sick, The Dying… and The Dead! Time will tell if the title will stay or it will end up changed.

This past November, Mustaine spoke about the upcoming MEGADETH album on Full Metal Jackie: “I just found out yesterday, believe it or not, we got our delivery date, when they want me to have the record turned in by,” Dave said. “I’ve had a pretty busy last two years. We were getting ready to start to record, and then stuff started going wrong with my throat, and we found out about the [throat] cancer. The treatment for the cancer was completed in six months, which was mind-blowing for me.

“But besides that, there were so many other things that had gone wrong — we have the pandemic here, and we have all these things that are going on. The work that I do that affects the people around me, it affects me ’cause I care so much about our fans.

“When we were out doing the Hendrix thing [‘Experience Hendrix’ tour] last year, we came back to just get started on the record,” Mustaine continued. “I thought, ‘Okay, we’re gonna blast through this.’ And then, boom, here comes the pandemic, and everything drops down a couple of gears. But you know what? We’re still working every day, and the record’s getting done.

He added: “It’s funny ’cause every person that I know — well, not every person, but the people that I know that know I’m writing a new record, and God bless ’em — they all go, ‘So, are you gonna write about the coronavirus?’ And I’m thinking, ‘Well, now there’s a thought…’”

MEGADETH bassist David Ellefson recently spoke about the progress of new album during an interview with Decibel Geek.

“Basic tracks are done,” Ellefson said. “Overdubs now are continuing. I’m sure 2021 will see some new MEGADETH music of some form — hopefully the whole album, because touring will open up and we can drop a record and the tour dates that we have rescheduled will all go forward as planned. That’s what we’re hoping. That’s about all I can say on it — just ’cause it’s not done yet, so it’s hard to talk about something that’s still in motion.”

MEGADETH rescheduled its “Metal Tour of the Year” with LAMB OF GOD, plus special guests TRIVIUM and IN FLAMES, to 2021. Tickets and dates for the tour can be find here.