Dave Mustaine Says Why Guitar Tech Was Fired

dave thrash

For all of you ladies and gentlemen thinking that MEGADETH front man Dave Mustaine had a total b*tch fit and fired the sh*t out of his guitar tech in anger after a bad show, his side of the story is out. It’s pretty much exactly as I expected it to be and I understand. The term, which has become very popular on the interweb as of late “You had one f*cking job.” fits this bill. Many people jumped to the conclusion that it was his longtime tech Willie Gee, but it wasn’t. It was the new guy that nobody cares to even name. Poor guy…

Mustaine stated “Willie Gee hasn’t worked for me since April, so… I love Willie; we’re still very close friends. He’s just retiring, but you know what? I forgive him (Talking about the new guy). And I still like the guy. It’s just one of those things. Actually, if I see him again, I’m not gonna hold a grudge and I’ll probably give him a hug and thank him for trying.”

Those are pretty powerful words and I have been in that dudes shoes before with the Facebook page Kiss my heavy metal a—s that I run now.  Sometimes you have the fire but not the knowledge and knowhow to make that sh*t really pop. In the beginning I thought I had it and tried my a—s off and was fired after 30 minutes because I wasn’t as ready as I thought I was. I regrouped and came back for a win.

I hope that this fellow does the same. I’d really like to get his side of the story, but as for what went down to make everything go south for him, he forgot to plug it in. A few times… Don’t give up dude, and next time make sure it’s plugged in cause you only have one job… This is long and awesome for me to watch but if you want exact content skip to 7:00.