DAVE MUSTAINE: There Were No Solos In Nu-Metal Because Guitar Players Weren’t Good Enough To Do Solos


MEGADETH mainman Dave Mustaine was interviewed by Cry of the Wolf as he was gearing up for the tour with AMON AMARTH, BUTCHER BABIES, METAL CHURCH, and SUICIDAL TENDENCIES that kicked off September 20.

Asked how he always finds great bands for tour, Dave responded:  “Contrary to all the mud slingers out there. People that tour with us know they are going to have a great time. The list is as long as my arm of people that have toured with us and have gone on to bigger success. STONE TEMPLE PILOTS, PANTERA, KORN, WHITE ZOMBIE. Our audience is a real friendly and open minded when it comes to new bands. ALICE IN CHAINS was another band. It’s a very difficult business. Not everyone gets the opportunities that they should. And when someone like me says, I’m not hiring you because you sell tickets; I’m hiring you because you sound good. That is cool stuff. I look at talent that we want to take out on the road as something that I would want to hear. Because we will be out on the road and I have to listen to them night after night. I want to be able to enjoy myself just as much as you do. During that whole period a couple of years ago when no one was doing guitar solos, we had a couple of bands go out with us and I despised them. And the reason they went out with us was because the label said you need to do this. That was the worst part of my career during that whole nu-metal thing. You know there were no solos because the guitar players weren’t good enough to do solos.”

On how he come across on BUTCHER BABIES, he said: “We had another opening on the tour and I watched a couple of songs. I thought oh my god that is provocative and there are a lot of young men out there that will be very happy that Dave picked these young ladies to tour. It reminded me of WENDY O WILLIAMS (PLASMATICS), because our first drummer had dated Wendy when we were on tour with them. It was MOTORHEAD, WENDY O WILLIAMS, and MEGADETH. Looking back, it was really cool that our drummer had dated her. The BUTCHER BABIES remind me of her.”

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