Dave Plotel – Rock Jimi Review

Some fans may not understand why I review albums like this Dave Plotel “Rock Jimi” as it has no direct relation with Metal music. That’s the point the direct relation with Metal music. It does not and it actually does. I’ll elaborate. It’s my opinion that Metal fans should know other kinds of music that had given their contribution to it in any way. Dave Mustaine and Tony Iommi, for instance, only to quote a few, love jazz and jazz-rock. I won’t even say the Blues because as everybody knows, or at least should know, Metal music comes from the Blues. In fact, it’s my feeling that today’s kids are a bit open to them. Of course, taking for granted the number of bands that mix and melt different styles and genres to Metal music. I guess it brings some fresh to our beloved music, not to mention that Metal has been alive for some much time because of the intersections and exchanges with other genres.

It’s a bit ironic for me to be reviewing this kind of music today since I didn’t give it a damn back then. However, to listen to this mix of soul, R&B, rock, jazz and blues embellished by a great guitar playing makes total sense now. The soul and R&B of first track “Flyin’ High” sounds fresh when compared to the imense sea of nonsense and bad music there is available today. “Pony Blues” has an incredible mix of the Blues Steve Ray Vaughan used to do with some jazz-pop that was incredible famous in the mid 1970s and early 1980s. Guitar interventions are short, but effective. It’s funny how multi-instrumentalist Dave Plotel mixes modern guitar techniques with old ones in a very natural manner. The effect is a music that can go beyond time and space with a strong pop accent. In general, I don’t like this pop accent artists deliberately give to their music, however in this particular case, this pop accent gives the delicious taste of the album. Well, in fact, this is so because we all know that the pop made in the 1960s, 1970s and part of the 1980s is incredibly better than the crap done now.

“Rock Jimi” is an album to be slowly revealed due to the mix Plotel makes. All four tracks have different tastes and moods. “Sweet Times Blues” sounds a bit Steve Ray Vaughan, but it’s not only that. The fan can feel some of the pop accent Eric Clapton used to do in his music as well. Bottom line, it is a track that was made to be played on radios and dances to dance cheek to cheek, a thing unbelievable these days.

Dave Plotel “Rock Jimi” was released on June 05th via Rosie Boggin Records.

P.S.: I know this album is light-years far from what we are used to have here, but I bet there are fans here that will listen to it even if it is to remember for the good old times’ sake. Don’t be so hard on yourselves, guys! It is good music. We deserve this right when we get old.

Track Listing:

  1. Flyin High
  2. The Pony Blues
  3. Rock Jimi
  4. Sweet Times Blues

Watch “Sweet Times Blues” official video here: