DAVID CROSBY Calls TED NUGENT ‘Hack Player And No Singer at All,’ TED Responds

Ted Nugent

David Crosby of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young has commented on Ted Nugent saying it’s a “sacrilege” that Rock Hall hasn’t inducted him yet, writing via Twitter:

“That is really funny stuff… he’s not good enough and he never will be… a hack player and no singer at all… could not write a decent song if his life depended on it.”

Nugent was quick to reply, writing via Facebook:

“David clearly is correct, for every music lover in the world knows the Michigan rockers don’t know anything about music when they named Ted Nugent the number one guitarist ever in Michigan. Poor David. Proof that substance abuse is not a victimless crime.”

Last August, David shared a fairly similar stance. When a fan asked him through Twitter if he agrees with Ted Nugent that political correctness is keeping him out of the Hall, Crosby briefly replied:

No, the asshole just isn’t good enough.

Ted‘s response to this was:

“Everybody knows that David Crosby is an evil rotten soulless punk that has criminally poisoned his bloated carcass his entire vapid life.

“I couldnt be more proud that such an uncaring dirtbag hates me while he competes with Michael Moore to see who can go the longest without hygiene. Zombieboy would hurt himself if he tried real rock ‘n’ roll like mine.

“Lets all pray he can form a syllable before his borrowed liver fails. I laugh at his pathetic slovenliness as I wrapup the greatest ultra-fun tour of my life.