DAWN AHEAD Have ‘A Trip of Violence’

Dawn Ahead were originally founded in the spring of 2011. The founding members were guitarist and songwriter Thomas Wolf, and the Colombian bassist Alfonso “Pocho” Mejia. First songs were written by home recording before a few weeks later Marcel Martin joined as a guitarist and songwriter for the band. After Jan Bechtlof (drums) and Chrischaan Wilsberg (vocals), have completed the band in 2012, Dawn Ahead were able to begin regular rehearsals. Dawn Ahead follow a very controversial style, which includes classic elements of Thrash Metal, and modern sounds. The extremely versatile musical range of classical but very hard metal, through progressive elements, to the brutal Thrash, overwhelmed basically all drawer fetishists and style fanatics. In April 2014 Dawn Ahead released their self titled 5 track EP.
On April 2018 the new 6-Track EP “A Trip Of Violence” was released. “A Trip Of Violence” turned out to be much more aggressive than the first release. For 2019, Dawn Ahead have finally scheduled their first album.


2014 s/t (EP)


01. Out of Damnation 04:10

02. Hunter 03:58

03. Restless 04:25

04. Deliverance 06:03

05. Coming Home 04:19

total: 24:04 min.

2018 A Trip of Violence (EP)


01. Sinister Thoughts 04:03

02. A Trip Into The Dark 04:57

03. A Taste Of Violence 04:38

04. The Betrayal 06:36

05. Capturing Hell 04:50 (CD bonus)

06. The One And Only 04:32

total: 29:36 min.

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