Dawn of Ouroboros – The Art of Morphology

Is it possible to mix musak and Extreme Metal and, yet, it sounds interesting or compelling?

Well, in fact, this is one of the pinnacles of Atmospheric Black Metal bands or of what it’s called today as Post-Black Metal, a label I’m still trying to get what it really means. Dawn of Ouroboros with “The Art of Morphology” do think it is. As a matter of fact, “The Art of Morphology” has its moments of enlightment – ops, is this word allowed?. Of course, it isn’t the first time I hear this kind of musical proposal, but still it causes me some kind of strangement. It doesn’t make comfortable at all. But, however, isn’t it what Metal is all about? To cause discomfort and strangement and to be provocative? I guess it does.

The fan can notice to different moments in “The Art of Morphology” which call the eye. The first, incarnated by opening track – jeez, how I love them -, “Revivified Spirits” which tries to be raw and pungent with an Extreme Metal punch that dazzles the fan; and then, following track “Pinnacle Induced Vertigo” that unveils the beautiful and sweet face of the band with an angelical female vocal that sweetens and breaks the beast within. From where I’m standing it’s not easy to keep up these two moments altogether. Noteworthy is to say that instrumentals are no surprise in this album. They follow a regular procedure and rut to follow the plottwists on vocals, the true groundbreaking aspect of Dawn of Ouroboros with “The Art of Morphology.” The effect of the contrast reached is really amazing.

In a further analysis, there two other elements that cement and spice the formula. One of them is the classical aproach that Dawn of Ouroboros follow in almost all eight tracks of “The Art of Morphology.” The other is the near pop effect vocals create in some tracks which causes an annoying feeling to the fan. Just a bit more sugar and the cake would be so sweet. But there are tracks that the mix gets real sick and twisted as in “Spiral of Hypnotism” which I guess pleases the fan more. A highlight to the guitars that follow the rut flawlessly.

Dawn of Ouroboros will be released on March 30th via Rain Without End Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Revivified Spirits
  2. Pinnacle Induced Vertigo
  3. Gateway to Tenebrosity
  4. Lunar Cathexis
  5. Spiral of Hypnotism
  6. Serpent’s Charm
  7. Sorrow’s Eclipse
  8. Valiant Abscond

Watch “Spiral of Hypnotism” official music video here: