Dead Kosmonaut – Reqviem

When I reviewed Dead Kosmonaut’s “Gravitas” in the end of the year, I had the feeling that something was missing because I had a small recollection – hehehehe memory, oh memory – that I had received something about the band. Though my review records are pristine, as it is mandatory as my memory fails and the number of bands grows, and I’m always trying to improve them, I wasn’t able to find anything about them. Now that I’m with some time because there is a time gap within the next release dates, I’m looking for the bands I left behind, and voilà! I found the missing archieves of “Reqviem” EP that was sent me in september. Yeah, you all are allowed to make fun of me if it is your wish…

“Reqviem” is a completely different album from “Gravitas” I must say first. I guess I liked it even more due to its emotional grip and astonishing beautiful tunes as “House of Lead (Nobody’s Home)” and the title track “Reqviem,” this one of more than minutes, both breathtaking power ballads. “Reqviem” has the same clear 1980’s drive as “Gravitas,” though “Frozen in Time” sounds a lot as Deep Purple’s “Perfect Strangers” era. By the way, from where I’m standing it is a thumbs up to the band. The keyboards are pristine in the song adding a lot to the sonance of Dead Kosmonaut. Vocalist Pelle Gustafsson is a lesson of how to sing so properly and enthusiastically. The man really knows how to add the exact quanta of emotion and aggression. I’m really sure master Ian Gillan must be really proud of him. “House of Lead (Nobody’s Home),” an instrumental track, has a beautiful solo that alone pays off the track and a killer mood besides the killer bass line. Following track “Skyhooks and Sound Mirrors” also has a big taste of Deep Purple, but slighter than “Frozen in Time.” Title track “Reqviem” has a folk side thatDead Kosmonaut reveal now. Unfortunately, they didn’t record any other song with the same grip in “Gravitas” which is indeed a pity. “Reqviem” is really an unforgetable track.

I do regret having left “Reqviem” behind, but I’m really happy that I decided to give them another chance.

Dead Kosmonaut “Reqviem” was released on September 20th via High Roller Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Frozen in Time
  2. House of Lead (Nobody’s Home)
  3. Skyhooks and Sound Mirrors
  4. Rekviem

Watch “Rekviem” official lyric video here: