DEAD SHAPE FIGURE Unleash New Lyrics Video For ‘Stupidity Breeds False Idols’

Melodic death/thrash metal band from Finland DEAD SHAPE FIGURE have kept themselves busy lately creating new material. They are preparing a series of three EP releases that start with EP Refinement Of Hatred to be released in May 2021. Now DEAD SHAPE FIGURE has released a song called Stupidity Breeds False Idols from the upcoming EP. Check out the lyrics video for the song below!

Vocalist Galzi comments the song:
“’Stupidity Breeds False Idols‘ is a critical statement. Before the strangle grip of difficult question and impossible choises people tend to hold on to the easy solutions that serve nobody. This a starting point for thoughts of a lonely thinker.”

It was back in 2003 when times were hard for four lads in the city of Helsinki. There were too much riffs not yet to be played, too much lyrics unwritten and too little sweat to be bled on the stages. That was the beginning of DEAD SHAPE FIGURE.

The band’s measure is exactly like Nonaka & Takeuchi’s pattern says: More than its members, beyond individual, but only existing through every one of its makers.

It’s not about protesting, infesting or worshipping anything. It’s more like handling topics and issues that might not be so obvious without giving a little thought. Even more it’s all about releasing, or receiving that extra energy of any kind.