Dead Venus – Bird of Paradise

That’s the third female-fronted band in a role. Coincidence? Well, a bit and a pitty we’re not having much more female-fronted or female-only bands to review. I know Metal is a kind of machist style, that there are so many more men than women fighting the battles around the Metal world, but we miss not having more women. I mean, it’s not because they’re pretty and stuff – this is a machist thing to say – but because there is the need of showing the world in woman’s point of view, which, of course, is different from men. It is a fact that their world seem different, though the struggles and desires are pretty much the same. Metal, as a representation of this sad, lonely, misareble, and pittyful planet, would benefit a lot to have a say about it. Girls would give their important contribution to it. My guess is that this world gets a little better through a woman’s eyes. Only a guess. That put let’s go to Dead Venus with “Bird of Paradise,” shall we?

The term Art Rock reflects perfectly the music Dead Venus play in “Bird of Paradise,” because, in fact, each track tells a story into the so-called Progressive Rock. “Bird of Paradise” is a wonderful trip around  all the subtle nuances the genre offers from the jazzy touches to symphonic and classical features. However, it can be, with no doubt, labelled as Progressive Metal because there are enough Metal elements in it to do so. First track, obviusly called “Bird of Paradise,” reminds a lot the mix of jazz and prog rock that was done in the 1970s with some touches of guitars that spice the song. It’s impossible not to remimber Yes with it with the tinges of modernity in Seraina Telli’s voice – very good one, by the way.

After listining all the album, from where I’m standing, Dead Venus are a step ahead among their peers bands because they found their own music personality by adding the aforementioned jazz elements mixed with tasteful melodies from the 1970s as in “Kiss of the Muse” with the plus of some Metal guitars that, again, spice the music. And good music needs a good spice. Another difference that counts a lot for Dead Venus is that songs are long, but never, I said never, boring. As I said before, Dead Venus are a storyteller and “Bird of Paradise” is their book. As a great thinker told us, please pay attention to the details; pay attention to what is listened in the back. Dead Venus are masters in having those amazing background sounds that please the fan.

My congrats to the chef!

By the way, I can’t help it saying what an astonishing cover!

Dead Venus “Bird of Paradise” was independently released on September 13th.

Track Listing:

  1. Latitudinarian
  2. Bird of Paradise
  3. Kiss of the Muse
  4. Dark Sea
  5. Human Nature
  6. Valediction
  7. Beauty
  8. Redemptionless
  9. Dear God
  10. The Sirens Call
    11- Alone
    12- Flying Soul

Watch “Bird of Paradise” official music video here: