Death Metal Band ARSAMES Was Arrested In Iran; Motive: Playing Heavy Metal

It sucks to be a Metal band in some countries in this sad and lonely even getting more pathetic planet. Take a look at what happened to this Death Metal Band Arsames.

Via Metal Injection

The government of Iran is continuing its crusade against heavy metal music in the country, trying to censor bands and imprison them for the crime of… playing heavy metal. The latest band is notable Iranian death metal band Arsames.

Earlier this month, members of the band was arrested. Metal Injection has seen the official document of the arrest which reads “The band Arsames were arrested and charged with 15 years in jail for being in satanic metal band and being against the Islamic government.”

The band has been active since 2002, despite playing death metal being considered illegal in the country. The government recognizes metal as “satanic music”, which is not allowed to be played in the country. They have played festivals all over the region, in countries like Turkey, Dubai and Armenia. Oh, and by the way, they friggen’ shred!

Metal Injection has learned that after being arrested, the band members paid bail and are currently safe and not being held in prison, as they await the start of their trial.

Watch “Doomsday” alive video here: