Kids Run Up To This Truck Expecting Ice Cream, But Instead They Get Blasted With Death Metal

Metal Ice Cream Truck

A guy who goes by the name Hell General is tricking kids in northeast Minneapolis who approach his ice cream truck by blasting them to some LAMB OF GOD, instead of providing them with ice creams.

He even has a website set up with following explanation of his cause: “Hell General is the name I have given the production of my current project vehicle. The vehicle is a 1973 AM General FJ-8A Postal truck, that’s right, an Ice Cream truck! The name Hell General is derived from two meanings; Hell being the location of the original evil ice cream truck, and General after the manufacturer of the truck, AM General.

“In all actuality, my intentions with the truck have nothing to do with selling ice cream. Rather than indulge brats with over price cream pops, I mean to deny those looking to buy a cold tasty treat by playing my happy chimes through the streets. And when the children materialize in the streets?

“I will coast right past them with the sinister look of rejection.”

He’s been getting a lot of attention on social media after a Tik Tok star named Erica Lueth posted about it. Check out the video below.