Death Metaller Veterans MASTER Release ‘Vindictive Miscreant’

Master band

One of the fathers of death metal, Master, are here with their brand new full length album. They’ve been going from strength to strength and this promises to be their best album in decades.

Death metal legends Master unleash their much awaited full length album this year titled “Vindictive Miscreant.” It’s the perfect encapsulation of their trademark gritty sound backed with experience and skills. Few bands were able to continue on the path they carved in, and over three and a half decades later, Master still do it with remarkable aplomb. They’ve set standards for bands, old and new, to follow. There’s nothing here that doesn’t reek of pure integrity, passion for the art form and flawless execution in delivering what they’ve set out to achieve. They’ve been doing it for decades and they’re only honing their craft. This time they’re hungry. “Vindictive Miscreant” is among Master‘s strongest albums and it will blow you away with its vitriolic intensity, riffing prowess and memorability. It makes death metal relevant again.

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