DEATH OF A LEGEND Unleash New Video For Single ‘The Call’

After the first two singles “Faceman” and “Beyond Thunderdome“, DEATH OF A LEGEND are ready to present their third single “The Call“. Check out the official music video for “The Call” below!

The performance video, directed and edited by Federico Quistini, is masterfully interspersed with scenes of the band members engaged in a game of cards, immersed in an Italian-American bar setting with a typical ’80s vibe.

About the topic of the song, Trippy, singer of the band, states: “You are gross. We know you are. All alone, when nobody’s watching. But sometimes it happens that all you need to do is to be a decent person. Are you In good company, maybe? Well, with the passing of time it gets more difficult to hide. Sooner or later you’ll play the wrong card at the wrong time. We know very well. Cause no matter how hard you try, when it comes, you just can’t resist THE CALL.

Regarding the filming of the video, Trippy adds: “During the making of the video we had to beat each other and it happened that something went wrong. The headbutt between Mark and Dem was accidentally real. They both got bruised and ended the day with a big red spot on their foreheads. We were so amused by the thing that kept the take and put it in the video.

DEATH OF A LEGEND is a rock’n’roll band formed by members of the hardcore punk scene of Milano, which are: 
Trippy (voice), Mark (guitars), Zane (bass) and Don Malastorte (drums).
Their style is a mixture of the iconic rock blues groovy vibes of Danko Jones, the raw facets of groups such as Maylene and the sons of Disaster and The Bronx and the typical groove of early VOLBEAT.