Deathf**kingcunt – Decadent Perversity Review

Technical Death Metal really beats me. I admire the musicianship, the contrasts, the choice of tones and chords, the extreme dedication to the perfect imperfect sound. I guess this term perfect imperfect explains best what Technical Death Metal is. Besides all the musicianship which may turn into a chaotic mass of sound – not in the good sense – bands try to get all the imperfection musical chaos into aggrression and violence and bloodshed from the perfect instrument playing. Besides all that, there is the matter of vocals. Yeah, are you ready to talk about vocals in Death Metal? In one hand, they are the aggression in the music by itself. On the other hand, Death Metal vocals may seem a mass of ordinary mass sound to laymen. However, it’s needed a fine technique to make them. There is only a little problema that bothers me a little. Sometimes I tend to think that many Technical Death Metal sounds a little the same. I mean, all the instrumentals using sometimes the same solutions may sound a little the same. In a nutshell, Technical Death Metal is the contrast of the constrast or, as I said before, the perfect imperfect.

Alrighty, here we have Deathf**kingcunt “Decadent Perversity” that is an album with many of the things said above. So much for the part where the band sounds the same. And here comes the vocals that make all the difference in the band’s music. They are harsher and lower than the average Technical Death Metal band. This gives the band its own personality – one of the most wnated things when considering a band. It’s a pleasure to see a band that combines the hunger for flesh with the care for the instrumentals. A band where besides the complex and intricate guitar and bass lines of “Suicidal Masturbatory Flagellation” with a harsh and aggressive vocals. It calls my attention all the guitar squeaks and dissonances the band mixed in “Garroted By Frenulum” and all the album. They give a certain groove to the songs. As if it’s possible to call them grooves. It’s also interesting hiw the band doesn’t go easy on the songs’ tittles. It’s a pity, though, the production that put the drums kind of hidden under the other instruments. The beating machine Dan Grainger delivers deserved much more.

Deathf**kingcunt “Decadent Perversity” will be released on June 10th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing

  1. Mulesing the Malformed
  2. Fisted Into Form
  3. Conceived in Formaldehyde
  4. Emphatic Defloration
  5. Devoured By Eunuchs
  6. Blunt Force Vasectomy
  7. Decadent Perversity
  8. Suicidal Masturbatory Flagellation
  9. Garroted By Frenulum

Watch “Conceived in Formaldehyde” official video here: