Deathgeist – Procession of Souls Review

There some bands that are on the edge of Metal styles and that may deceive even the more tuned and full of wisdom reviewer. No, I’m not talking about me. I’m not wise. Some bands stand on the edge of styles mixing and combination many features or just, as in this case, place themselves in a certain time when the hybridazation was the rule. Ok, I know Deathgeist are not a veteran band from the 1980s, but they placed their music in a time where the barriers among Heavy Metal, Speed Metal, and Thrash Metal weren’t that well defined. Moreover, the band combines a modern performing of its music what makes the analysis even more difficult. Hard to tell if Deathgeist is Heavy Metal, Speed Metal or Thrash Metal though I always choose the band’s feel about it. In the beginning, from where I’m standing I thought it would be a Speed Metal band. So, I went to their press release and saw that they define themselves as Thrash Metal. Who am I to disagree with the makers of the music? I sometimes disagree with the PRs, never with the band.

Ok, then, lets go to “Procession of Souls,” shall we?

The guitars in tittle track “Procession of Souls” are so melodic that they get more near Heavy Metal bands as U.D.O. and Tysondog. The first I heard the main riff I thought it was a cover from Tysondog “Demon,” if you know what I mean. Following track “Nightmare’s Chamber” goes through a Thrash region, but not the Teutonic Thrash from bands as Sodom, Destruction, and others, the track sounds more as the American Thrash from bands as Anthrax and Overkill. The difference is exactly the more melodic guitars and the vocals with some subtle Hardcore elements. “Nightmare’s Chamber” has some of them. Sometimes the unadvised fan might thing Deathgeist perform a faster Heavy Metal with Hardcore elements and lots of guitar solos. Just exactly the bands aforementioned. I don’t have to say that this is the kind of Thrash that amazes me the most. I payed close attention to all guitar solos and got amazed by them all due the extreme quality of all. Not only the technique applied, but also the feeling which is more important. Adriano Perfetto’s voice is much more near to Udo’s than to other Thrash Metal vocalist. That gives him a truckload of ways of placing his voice. There are times here if the fan close the eyes and listen to the music the feeling will to hearing Accept. I can’t imagine a bigger homage.

Deathgeist “Procession of Souls” will be released on February 25th via Punishment 18 Records.

Track Listing:

  1. The Greed’s Inferno
  2. Morlocks
  3. Living Dead Melody
  4. Procession of Souls
  5. Nighmare’s Chamber
  6. Far from Reality
  7. Depressive Thoughts

Watch “Procession of Souls” official video here: