Deaton LeMay Project – Day After Yesterday

Here is an album that gathers all the good things from Prog Rock with the plus of some AOR festures. For the ones who understand a little about Prog Rock, Deaton LeMay Project in “Day After Yesterday” is the perfect match between Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Kansas. The classical virtuosity of Emerson, Lake & Palmer with the prone to write beautiful, effective and catchy melodies of Kansas. As their peers, the keyboards take the scene in all songs which are most of them instrumental. The thing is that Deaton LeMay Project are so resourceful in writing those really catchy riffs that immeadiately stick to your mind and suddenly without any notice you are singing them alone. I do respect that. All twelve tracks have that something that sparkles the attention of the fan. Emerson, Lake & Palmer and Kansas had the same ability to be fair with them. Tracks as “Storm the Castle” and “Tri-Overture The Past” have the purest catchy riffs ever. It’s impossible not to sing along.

I respect a lot works like “Day After Yesterday” due to their pristine reconstruction of the sounds of the past. This album perfectly emulates the music it was made in the early 1970s in terms of Prog Rock plus some modern features. I have also to praise the incredible ability Deaton LeMay Project have of creating the most beautiful and delicate textures as in the title track “Day After Yesterday.” Again, it’s impossible not to mention the keyboards works. Tracks as “The Future” have wonderful keys riffs. I forgot to mention that Hadi Kiani’s vocals have a big similarity with Quensrÿche’s Geoff Tate. Bottomline, is there anything to say about his wonderful voice?

Last, but not least, I wouldn’t be fair enough if I forgot to have a say about the guitar lines. Besides being a Prog Rock band where the keyboards are the lead, the guitars are very well played and the three guitarists that share the album are all great with their instruments. Eventually they steal the scene.

Okay, if you are interested in finding a real Prog Rock band here I present you Deaton LeMay Project with “Day After Yesterday.” Ah, by the way, Deaton and LeMay used to open Dream Theater’s gigs from their “Images and Words” tour. Pretty respectable, huh?

Deaton LeMay Project “Day After Yesterday” was released on January 01st via MysticImages.

Track Listing:

  1. Storm the Castle
  2. Day After Yesterday
  3. Tri-Overture
  4. The Past
  5. The Future
  6. The Present
  7. Fade Away
  8. To the End
  9. Silent Stone
  10. Event Horizon Pt. 1
  11. Event Horizon Pt. 2
  12. Voice of Freedom

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