DEBONE Fuse Post Rock, Electronic Rock And Metalcore On Esoteric New Single Video ‘Visions’

Debone Band

“Visions”, the latest single from experimental rockers DEBONE is smooth in how it blends disparate sounds into a coherent, easy-to-listen-to song. It’s reminiscent of if a band like Linkin Park, Enter Shikari or Bring Me The Horizon developed a more experimental, electronic sound.

We spoke with the band about their musical influences, the production of this song & their plans for the future below!

Debone blends a variety of often not-associated genres in your sound. Where do you find inspiration for your music? 

“Inspiration is everywhere, really. We love almost every style of music there is, so it’s easy to pick ideas from a lot of different artists.  The process of writing a song for us is always really organic and the state of mind we are in and what is going on in our lives always bleeds into the music. The lyrics are always the last step and they are always influenced by the music. We never write music thinking in a theme or anything like that.”

“Visions” is your new single. What was the process of writing and recording that song like? Does it sound much like its original form?

“It’s very different. This track was one of the first ones we wrote together and that didn’t sound like complete garbage. The structure is almost the same as in the first demo as well as the melodies, but the overall flavor of the song has changed quite a lot. This song started as a small drum and bass-style loop and a simple clean guitar progression. It was nothing special really, but every time we played that we had tons of fun and it got stuck in our heads so we developed it and added some layers of synths and the vocal melodies, which came out pretty quick too.  What was cool about making Visions was that every idea and sound came very easy, without experimenting for hours and hours. And once we got to the studio it was pretty much the same. We recorded this song in two days and the producers loved it. They actually fought for it to be the first single.”

You’ve played numerous shows in your home country of Spain—what’s the next goal for the band? More local shows? Tour? 

“More local shows for sure. We are getting better with every show and we are growing as a band and as a family. But the idea is to get out of Spain and tour the world, that’s the dream. But for now we don’t know when will that happen, so we are continuing to play non-stop and saying ‘Yes’ to every show.”

Your debut release, This is Not an Album, comes out later this summer. Is “Visions” a good example of what we can expect to hear more of?

“This was another reason we decided to release Visions as the first single. This song has 7-string guitars, electronics, a lot of melodies, heavy parts and poppy ones, etc. The album will be just like that, a mixture of styles and sounds that work together effortlessly.  We just love the idea of having a song or album that blends various different elements to create something cool and unique. So in that sense Visions is a good representation of what This Is Not An Album will be.”

Lyrically, what is “Visions” about?

“There’s a line in the song “as everyone finds their way, I’m floating like a feather” that really represents that time and it sums up the meaning of ‘Visions’. The song is about dealing with the crippling fear of the future. Looking at the future is always tough. It takes guts to risk it all to become who you really want. That of course comes with a lot of fears and anxieties. That’s exactly what the song is about.  The sometimes crushing fear of what will we become and how to deal with it. We should always remember that our dreams are worth fighting for.When life gets difficult, we should remember that “another world will be displayed, a brand new vision.”