DECAPITATED Unleash Music Video For New Single ‘Iconoclast’ Feat. MACHINE HEAD’s Robb Flynn; ‘Cancer Culture’ Out Now

Decapitated 2022
Photo credit: Maciej Hevi Janas

DECAPITATED is proud to release their 8th studio album Cancer Culture. Its the most versatile album the band has released so far, surprising fans with elements they have never used before, such as guest appearances on vocals. Again, Jarek Szubrycht (Carnival is Forever) has written amazing lyrics about the disproportion between the dreams, ambitions, and aspirations of humanity.  The leading engineer of the album was Tomasz Zed Zalewski (Anticult), David Castillo was responsible for mixing the album, and Ted Jensen for the final touch for mastering.
The amazing cover artwork comes from Fabio Timpanaro, an Italian artist whose art perfectly describes what the band wanted to tell through visual art.

Vogg states following on the release of the album:
“Cancer Culture is out today!!! We’ve been waiting for this special moment for a very long time.
It seems like ages, five years since our latest release “Anticult”, sixteen months of working on the “Cancer Culture” album and waiting almost a year to be able to share it with you finally. 
You can expect to hear various tracks, outstanding production, fantastic artwork, and of course, as always, something you have not likely to hear on the Decapitated album before.
To celebrate this day, we decided to release a video for “Iconoclast”. For this occasion, we returned to the studio where all had started, where we recorded drums for the album, to feel an incredible energy and cool vibes again, while making the video.
As you probably know, we have an exceptional guest, the metal legend and friend of ours, one and only Robb Flynn. His part of the track became one of my favorite parts of this album.
It’s a huge honor to have Robb in this project, and I hope you will dig a song. It’s a different song, not blasting madness as most of the songs on this record but still powerful, fast, and crushing. 
We are giving you today the “Cancer Culture”. Decapitated is back, strong and alive! From pain to strength!
Enjoy!~ Vogg”

And to celebrate the release, they have yet another surprise for their fans in store.
Robb Flynn from mighty MACHINE HEAD contributes a hauntingly beautiful vocal to the track “Iconoclast”. Make sure to check out the killer new single and music video below!

Flynn comments on the collaboration as follows:
“When Vogg asked me to sing on this Decapitated track, I was honored to jam with pioneers and such insane musicians. When he sent the track I was blown away at this incredible melodic section in the middle. When he told me the song was called Iconoclast, I knew exactly what needed to be said.  An Iconoclast is “a destroyer of images used in religious worship”.  This song had to address the hateful, growing fascist Evangelical movement growing around the world.  The cruel men who wish to hide their cruelty under a cloak of faith and zealotry.”