DEE SNIDER Says ‘F*ck You’ To A Fan Who Criticized Him For Voicing His Political Opinions

Dee Snider
Photo credit: Stephanie Cabral

TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider has slammed a fan on Twitter who criticized him for voicing his political views.

On January 10th, Snider posted a video of a person who broke into the Capitol this past Wednesday and is not being happy after informed he is on a no-flight list. Dee added a following message to a video: “Is he crying? There‘s no crying in terrorism!”

To which one of his followers commented: “I’m really disappointed in you Dee. You said nothing about the riots and looting & attack in June in DC. But now you speak against these extremists? You were my brother‘s hero before he died. Sticking yourself into politics & speaking out against the president is unamerican & sad.”

Snider then replied: “Oh. Should I just stick to singing songs? Ok, Wendy if you say so. Wait… F*CK YOU! YOU only know what Fox and Parler told you about what happened in DC. Buh-bye.”