DEE SNIDER: I’ve Got So Much Admiration And Respect For DAVE GROHL

Dee Snider Dave Grohl

During a recent appearance on “The Jasta Show,” TWISTED SISTER frontman Dee Snider talked about FOO FIGHTERS frontman Dave Grohl.

Dave Grohl. I’ve got so much admiration for him and respect, a true fan of metal,” Dee said. That PROBOT record [2004’s self-titled] — that is so good. If people don’t know of PROBOT, Dave is a fan of hardcore metal. He got all those great vocalists [for the PROBOT project], and just created this album, wrote songs with them, produced them, recorded them…

“I’m just dying to say, ‘Dude, just tell me I was on the list!’ I’m hoping that I didn’t make the cut but have a feeling that if you liked that stuff, then you liked ‘Under the Blade,’ at least that, and maybe had a bleeding thought for a minute, ‘Dee Snider…? Hm, no, no…’

“Because he had other people like Lemmy, Max [Cavalera], and all these great metal vocalists are on there. I’ve performed with all these [FOO FIGHTERS] guys when they do the Chevy Metal thing, I’ve performed with the Chevy Metal guys, but I’ve never met Dave. We are both coffee junkies.”

“He is a true metal fan,” Dee continued. “It comes through, he has put out some aggressive stuff in the pop songs, it’s real aggression and a real power. And screaming! He’s getting people to accept this. I admire him. I’m not a Phil Collins fan but he is a Phil Collins of his generation. This guy plays amazing drums, produces, writes, sings, does it all! And does it well.”