Deep Sun – Race Against Time

cd_cover Please, don’t get me wrong boys and girls! I’ve been listening to some symphonic metal bands for a while. Some people say, and I can guarantee you that, that there’s a mental checklist bands do before starting their careers. So let’s go through it: cover art with female figure: check! The art cover is pretty nice. Atractive female singer: check! Debora Lavagnolo sure is a pretty lady. Very nice and skilled musicians: check! Musicians are pretty good from the drummer to the bass player. Double bass drumming: check! Band from a non-traditional country: check! Deep Sun is from Switzerland. Good songwriting, but soft songs, not so heavy, missing the sonic aggression metal bands need: NOT CHECK! Deep Sun is a heavy metal band in all senses! The album is heavy and powerfull! And also aggressive. In a good way.

“Race against time” is the second album of this awesome band which sometimes, for instance in “Dreaming Leprechaun”, the keyboards and tuning reminds a lot early Bon Jovi. There’s also a nice ballad, properly named “Nostalgia”, a very italian way of feeling, which theme was previously showed in “Good Old Times”, a track which celebrates our beloved Heavy Metal. In my opinion, the most symphonic track is “Des Königs Krieger” (The King’s Warrior) with the proper balance of heavyness and symphonicness.

Well, it’s useless to say that I’m very found of female singers, and it’s a pitty that the presence of women is so scarce.

You can check the band at:

Track listing:

  1. Race Against Time
  2. Riders Of Death
  3. The Believer
  4. Good Old Times
  5. Dreaming Leprechaun
  6. Nostalgia
  7. Deep Sun
  8. For Eternity
  9. Des Königs Krieger
  10. Dark Ravine
  11. Whispering Screams