Deep Underground – Perspectives

In the 1980’s, extreme metal bands that desired a good reputation were prohibited to make use of keyboards or any sort of nearly similar device. Actually, there is a famous video scene in “Behind the Iron Courtain” – I guess that’s the correct name – where the allmighty Bruce Dickinson mocks a polish fan who asked him about using keyboards in a Metal band. He laughed and said something like “you can’t do that.” Ah, the ironies of destiny.

Zillion years ago, when the world was milk and honey, I had this exact same opinion. What made me change my mind? Well, when I started my last band my friend, and singer, got a keyboard player. I remember telling him: “Come on, man! Keyboards?!? We’re not f* Bon Jovi.” I used to curse a lot back then. Ah, the ironies of destiny (part 2). It was the best musical experience of my poor life. Why? Because I had the opportuniy of perceiving how useful a keyboard can be. It is an instrument that goes beyond. Not only it enlarges the sound, but also play the parts of other instruments. It can be a second guitar, a bass, a piano and, of course, a keyboard.

Well, but back to Deep Underground “Perspectives,” shall we? I wrote in a review that I have a musical memory, I mean, music make me remember things. That’s exactly what the dudes from Deep Underground made me with “Perspectives.” I was forced to remind the good old times when I had a band and the extraordinary experience was to play with keyboards. Allow me to explain. The keyboards play a very important role in “Perspectives” because they do much more. They fill in all the sonic blanks making Deep Underground’s music unique. When you hear to it you don’t have that strange feeling of ‘What’s that thing doing in there?’. Listen carefully to “Who Said Murder In Not an Art” to guitar/keyboards duel. Amazing! An extreme metal Deep Purple at their best.

There are only five tracks in “Perspectives” and they are all awesome. Deep Underground teach a lesson of how to make an impressive melodic death metal precisely balancing melodic with death. The right doses of them are included in their music. The outcome is a modern and exciting band not only to melodeth fans, but to all Metal fans. Deep Underground are a band which is able so naturally to write songs like “Autumn Leaf,” with a modern grip  and “Relapse,” with a symphonic grip, in the same album. Deep Underground proved Bruce Dickinson wrong. I don’t know if it was their intent, but they did. No more, no less. Ah, the ironies of destiny (part 3).

Track Listing:

  1. Autumn Leaf
  2. Relapse
  3. Perspectives
  4. The Red Sun Is Arriving
  5. Who Said Murder In Not an Art

Watch “Perspectives” official video here: