DEF LEPPARD on the Lead to Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame

Well, I know, we all despise the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame. At least, I do. So does Bruce Dickinson. But to hear that a real band is on the lead, yes, that’s good news. However, if you take a lok on the rest of list, maybe it would make you cry. The dudes really have no respect, or it’s poor judgement, I really don’t know, but having Janet Jackson and LL Cool J in a rock’n’roll list, come on guys, it is too much.

The list goes like this:

Def Leppard – 507,981 Votes

Stevie Nicks – 336,989 Votes

Todd Rundgren – 298696 Votes

The Zombies (who?) – 244895 Votes

The Cure – 195234 Votes

Janet Jackson (My dear God!) – 172212 Votes

Devo – 154868 Votes

Roxy Music – 132644 Votes

Rage Against the Machine – 129295 Votes

Radiohead – 125252 Votes

John Prine (who?) – 107775 Votes

LL Cool J (Are you kidding me?) – 80,556 Votes

MC5 – 78,274 Votes