DEFECTO And Their ‘Duality’

With their upcoming album “Duality,” Defecto has gone for more than playing to their strengths – they have broadly expanded their sonical universe, taking the band in musical directions that they have previously only hinted at. Sure – the album is pure Defecto – massive riffs, blazing solos and well-crafted melodies – just like previous albums. But “Duality” goes beyond. It is a cohesive piece built upon the duality of life, fueled by musical opposites to create a seamless mix of explosive and atmospheric, permeated with experimentation. Sonne’s singing is catchier than ever, yet it never compromises with the raw power of his sonic ferocity.

While not necessarily a concept album, “Duality” creates an experimental structure that deals with both the light and the dark sides of existence. It is about a powerful, in-your-face attitude, but also about turning inner personal turmoil into inspiring and meaningful songwriting. Combining the powerful with the gentle, running with a furious pace yet still stopping to enjoy the view.

Lyrically, “Duality” deals with subjects that are inspired by both personal and external events, all playing into the overall theme of dualism, but also hinting at a positive search for light within the darkness. Introducing this new uplifting and vibrant element is also what sets apart several songs on the album, serving as a dynamic opposite to other songs on the album. “Duality” becomes an album that breaks down barriers and clichées rather than trying to reinforce them. “Duality” is the combination of light and dark.  It is the culmination of what Defecto stand for.

Defecto iare one of Denmarks solid providers of melodic metal, having embarked on several tours, Open Airs, and festivals appearances these last four years. These include support for RAMMSTEIN and METALLICA, performances at Copenhell, Rockfest in Finland and much more. Their last two albums have steadily established their position,  with millions of streams, making them a promising act for the future.

Thomas Bartholin \\ bass
Nicklas Sonne \\ guitar & lead vocals
Mikkel Christensen \\ drums
Frederik Møller \\ lead guitars

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