DEFTONES Guitarist STEPHEN CARPENTER Says He Believes The Earth Is Flat

Deftones Stephen Carpenter

During a recent appearance on conspiracy podcast, “Tin Foil Hat with Sam Tripoli,” DEFTONES guitarist Stephen Carpenter revealed he strongly believed in several theories which have been proven as false, including being a “flat earth dude”, vaccinations being futile, virus transmission and more.

When asked outright if he was a ‘flat earth dude’, Carpenter responded (as transcribed by “Absolutely… If you think you live on a spinning, flying space ball, you’re in a cult.”

He later explained: “Here are three things you need to keep your clarity through all of this mental insanity. This will keep you straight through all of it, if you just remember these three things. And those three things are: one, projection. Two, incrementalism and three, Boogeyman everything. The Boogeyman is constantly being projected, and he’s incrementally getting worse, all the time. Boogeyman, Boogeyman, Boogeyman.”

“I literally filter through the fact that I know I’m not on a flying spinning space ball and the Boogeyman is always trying to get me.”

“The simplest terms for my perspective with flat Earth is simply, I know we’re not on a spinning, flying space ball,” he continued. “Now, what it actually is and all that and, and, and to what depths it goes to, that’s all still to be discovered and people are are working on those things.

And it’s just exciting, you know, seeing it from… it’s a much clearer perspective once you acknowledge it, because it’s something that’s blatant and it’s in everything. And you just have to, you know, understand what you’re looking at. And then I mean you don’t feel it. I mean if you’re walking on a treadmill, a half a mile per hour, and I unplugged it, you would feel it.”

“When you tell people that the Earth is flat I want to ask and answer all the questions that you want to ask and answer as well. But I want you to first acknowledge that you don’t live on the spinning space ball.

“Because once you know you can acknowledge that, then you get to that place where, like ‘okay, now we’re legitimately asking the same question.’ People are still discovering lots of things  in regards to that.

“You’re gonna always fall for everything if you don’t know that you’re actually not in reality. And that’s the entire point of even mentioning that Earth is flat,” Stephen added. “Like, when you’re saying, you know, when you’re having conversations with people like, I don’t mind having conversations with people—especially even if they’re completely different [opinions] than mine, and especially when they are, because that’s usually where I’ll cut right through all of their like, ‘Alright, I’m gonna take you to the maximum when it comes to crazy.’

“I’m gonna let you laugh because I want you to know, for at least three months straight when a friend of mine brought it up to me and another mutual friend of ours, I laughed at him every single time he brought it up. I told him he was insane, I was like ‘Damn bro You ain’t seen the videos? You ain’t seen the pictures?’ You know like everybody. I went through the whole, you know, laughter and ‘you’re insane’.

“Because really, one of my favorite subjects in existence was space. Like I f*cking love space. Infinity? like come on that’s all, that’s everything, like damn, everything is possible in infinity. Right? So I really loved space, so when he came at me for you know nearly like three months I laughed at him all the time.

“And I told him he was crazy… That’s when I hadn’t learned it yet, but I was on the path to learning that truth passes through three stages. Stage one is ridicule. Stage two is violent opposition and stage three is acceptance.

“Most of us go to stage three unless it’s something that cuts against our belief, in which case then we either go to stage one and laugh it off, or we go to stage two and get pissed. I mean that’s how it works for everything.

“And I didn’t know this yet, like I said I laughed at him repeatedly for months and then he just got tired of getting laughed at, I mean who wouldn’t get tired of that? And then he never stopped exploring the subject and nearly a year, I say almost the year, about nine months later he sent me a link to a video called ‘Flat Earth: The Ultimate Litmus Test‘ by a guy named Marty Leeds. Awesome video.

“When I first saw that. You know, when I first saw that, you know, the message, the link in the message; unlike all previous conversations that we had about the subject, he actually never presented me or us with any information, you know actual video proof, or anything like that.

“He was just telling us stuff about it and you know the conversation would just get heated right away. But, so, so when I first saw this, my initial response was laughter, because that’s what I’ve always done. And then I was like you know what?

“He’s actually showing me something now and I’m still laughing about something that I don’t know about. I at least owe it to just watch this, you know, see what he’s talking about because he’s still telling me a year later that Earth is flat, and I’m still going What are you talking about?

“So I was just coming home from a tour we did in Texas—we had talked for years about doing a tour of Texas—like ‘man it’s so big and so awesome we could tour Texas people love music in Texas.’ So we had finally done that, and we were coming home that day when I got that message.

“So I got home, um, you know I’m doing my come home from tour unpacking chores, doing laundry and finally enjoying… So I’m in and out of this video, and I finish up doing all my laundry and everything about the time I finished the video. And I said to myself I think I’m gonna watch it again, you know, it was really compelling. I want to watch it without interruption, so I did.

“And then after I watched the video, I sent my homie a text and was I like ‘alright bro I stand corrected You were right, I was wrong, this motherf*cker’s flat.’ And then I just go down the path of watching you know, endless videos from there.

“This was like four years ago, and I mean I’ve spent hours and hours of just watching videos and watching channels come and go and you know the the subject become, you know, like they always got to put up a little warning page, you know a little box under every video.

“It’s like when you’re watching something about reality The Matrix is trying to remind you this isn’t real, look away. But like I said you know I was like, ‘Look, you know, you’re right I was wrong. I’m sorry I laughed at you all those times.’ That very first realization.

“I have to say that, you know, it was probably a couple weeks where I was like man I really wish I had this volume of information to fill the hole where that other volume of information used to be.

“When you first learn about flat Earth, at least when I did that, I learned about all that no dinosaur sh*t, no nuke stuff and everything. I mean literally you just start going down the path. Oh my god, there’s so much fake sh*t. And it just keeps happening you know?”