Degenerhate – Chronicles of the Apocalypse

 If an album is to have a total of 19 tracks on it, then you’d imagine each song be very short in length and you’d be totally correct!

Degenerhate’s latest grindcore album is a fast paced and raw 25 minutes that any fans of grindcore will love and appreciate to the fullest extent.

“Chronicles of the Apocalypse” is practically catered to those of you out there who like your metal in short bursts with nothing held back and all bets off the f**king table because that’s exactly what Degenerhate has done.

“Chronicles of the Apocalypse” can be streamed for free on Spotify here and bought on iTunes here.

Track Listing:

  1. Intro
  2. Bus**t
  3. Earth First
  4. War Inside My Head
  5. Behind the Black Horizon
  6. Power
  7. All the Promises That I Have Made
  8. Cannibal Ritual
  9. Breeding Hatred Inside
  10. Fur Is Dead
  11. Another You Another Me
  12. Last Fight
  13. New World Disorder
  14. No Excuses Anymore
  15. Running Through the Blood
  16. Under the Same Sky
  17. Song of Hate and Destruction
  18. Turn off the Tv Turn on the Brain
  19. Outro