DEMI LOVATO: I Had ‘A Great Time’ Crowd-Surfing At DIMMU BORGIR Concert In 2007

Demi Lovato Dimmu Borgir

During an appearance on “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” earlier this week, pop singer Demi Lovato spoke about her experience going to see DIMMU BORGIR a decade and a half ago.

She said: “There was this band called DIMMU BORGIR. And I went to their show in 2007. They were like a Norwegian black metal band or something. And I was at the show, and I just happened to be in the center, where the mosh pit happens. But everyone — they were, like, grown men, and I was this 14-year-old girl. So I had to climb my way out and crowd-surf to the front of the stage. And I lost my shoe. It was a great time.”

She also talked about his experience at DIMMU BORGIR concert in an interview with the “Ride Or Cry” podcast two years ago. She said at the time: “I was in the middle of the crowd. In the middle of the mosh [pit], actually. I was only 14 and I was a tiny little thing. I was in the middle of the mosh and there were these grown-ass men headbanging. But then I got claustrophobic and a little scared so I crowd-surfed to the front.”

“I loved moshing because you could just get your aggression out and nobody cares.”

Lovato will release new studio album, Holy Fvck, on August 19 via Island Records.

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