Demon – Cemetery Junction

Once in a while, I read some metalheads regrets about some underrated bands. Many names come to my mind, I agree with some, not with others, but one is very special to me: Demon. Some journalist, I can’t remember who, said that the Demon were the band with the coolest name ever. But that’s not all about the band. Demon are a very nice nice band. Remember all the NWOBHM stuff? Well, Demon were one of the true pioneers. Vigorous, powerful, heavy, melodic and, the best of it, an axeman that was very far from the average: Mal Spooner. Spooner was made of very scarse material to a guitar player. He could fill an entire song with his flourishes and we would never get tired of them. Unfortunately, Spooner isn’t with us anymore. But David Hill is. And he’s keeping the flame. As far as I know the band had never stopped playing gigs.

What I can tell about “Cemetery Juction” is that it is a mix between the classic years and the new stuff with a strong presence of the keyboards and more, let’s say, melodic songs. “Miracle” is one of them. Not bad at all. “Cemetery Juction” sure has its moments. “Are You Just Like Me (Spirit Of Man)” reminds us the good old days. It’s a good song. And then comes “Life In Berlin” with all the lyricism that Demon can do. In my opinion the keyboards are doing Mal Spooner’s job now. It feels great! And so go the other songs. Some with the good old feeling, others with a more modern catch, but in a Demon way. “Cemetery Juction” sure is a legacy of the Demon, or even better, let’s hope that “The Best Is Yet To Come”.

Track Listing:

  1. Are You Just Like Me (Spirit Of Man)
  2. Life In Berlin
  3. Turn on The Magic
  4. The Best Is Yet To Come
  5. Queen Of Hollywood
  6. Thin Disguise
  7. Cemetery Junction
  8. Drive
  9. Out Of Control
  10. Someone’s Watching You

You can watch “Are You Just Like Me (Spirit Of Man)” music video below