DEMONIC RESURRECTION Premiere New Lyrics Video ‘Matsya – The Fish’

Indian epic death/black metal band DEMONIC RESURRECTION have premiered a song off their upcoming album titled “Dashavatar“. You can hear it below.

One of India’s longest running bands, DEMONIC RESURRECTION, are back with their fifth full length album and it’s a unique take on the avatars of Lord Vishnu according to Indian mythology. Each song is dedicated to a different avatar and the artwork and lyrics are indicative of the same. “Dashavatar” follows the band’s trademark epic black/death metal style that the band have cemented over the decades. The fans won’t be disappointed and at the same time this is an ambitious leap forward.

Tasteful solos accentuate the soaring riffs, all impeccably structured to bring to life stories from ancient Hindu mythology. Suitably atmospheric and tempered to perfection, this album holds its own in an era of ever-increasing individuality.