DEMONSTEALER Unleash New Song From Ambitious Upcoming Album

DEMONSTEALER have unleashed their first single from the album that has guest appearances from members of bands like ABORTEDSEPTICFLESHBENIGHTEDDE PROFUNDISNECROPHAGIST, etc. Song can be heard below.

DEMONSTEALER‘s founder Sahil Makhija has this to say about it: “The story behind this song is pretty cool, Kevin actually uploaded a video of him practicing a BENIGHTED song at 270bpm and he shared it in a common drum group saying he’s available for sessions work and I knew then that I wanted to write a song with him and I went to my studio, set the metronome to 270bpm and wrote this song. I sent Kevin an email with the song and he agreed to play on it. It was a real fun experience getting to work with him. His drumming is incredible.”

Prior to this, two more guest musicians have confirmed their appearance on the ambitious album and they are Shoi Sen of DE PROFUNDIS and Remi H. Mustafa of NERVECELL.

DEMONSTEALER is the solo project of Sahil Makhija who is the founding member of one of India’s biggest bands, DEMONIC RESURRECTION. He dons multiple roles and the music too is completely in his own vision with ample experimentation and collaborations. The previous DEMONSTEALER album received much praise and saw the release of several official videos in its support. The new album is said to be more death metal and with a number of exemplary musicians slated to be a part of it, it’s highly anticipated around the world.

DEMONSTEALER have also recruited the services of renowned Indian artist Reuben Bhattacharya (Visual Amnesia), who did the breathtaking artwork of the latest DEMONIC RESURRECTION album.