Denner/Shermann – Masters of Evil

Denner-Shermann_-_Masters_of_Evil When it comes down to heavy metal, the amount of bands who fully embrace the genre and become greats of it have diminished drastically in recent years with many bands throwing it the towel, or many new bands just not being what we want to hear. If you’ve been like me and have wanted to find that next big band of heavy metal then allow me to introduce to you Denner/Shermann. The two gentlemen of which the band is named after are none other than the two original guitarists of the legendary Mercyful Fate which, if you’re anything like me, is more than enough to prompt investigation into the music. When I tell you that “Masters of Evil” is without a doubt the single best heavy metal album that I’ve heard in years, I’m telling you that this album will be an experience that you will not want to pass up. Overflowing with amazing energy and the sound of which could split the earth in half, Denner/Shermann show with their debut album by the end of the second track alone that they are not here to f*ck around, but here to deliver god-like heavy metal the likes of which hasn’t shown up in the world for ages, and so far they’re doing a damn good job of doing so. All eight tracks have a wondrous sound that simply will not stay in one place before another evocative riff comes into play, a sick guitar solo to get you pumped up even more than before, or the catchy as hell choruses have you chanting along with the awesome classic sound and tone of the vocals. Each song has an excellent feel to them that should you be any fan of heavy metal whether you grew up with it or have recently discovered it you will love each and every magnificent moment that is “Masters of Evil”, for it has been hand crafted by people who have been making music for decades. And if their previous experience is anything to go by, it’s that Denner/Shermann has created an album that will easily eclipse many records before and after its release for years and years to come.

“Masters of Evil” releases on June 24th! You can pre-order the album via YouTube here.

Track Listing:

  1. Angel’s Blood
  2. Son of Satan
  3. The Wolf Feeds at Night
  4. Pentagram and the Cross
  5. Masters of Evil
  6. Servants of Dagon
  7. Escape From Hell
  8. The Baroness