Depravity – Evil Upheaval

Every time I hear a band like Depravity I remember Joe Marcus, guitarist of Máscara de Ferro, a pioneer of epic metal bands, who in the 1980s used to say that Metal was getting much more difficult to play. It’s true, guys. The instrumental effort bands are doing these days is simply remarkable. Of course back then, he couldn’t even imagine such bands as Depravity because death metal was still a nightmare – well, as a matter of fact, still is – and the most cruel and vicious band we’ve ever heard was Venom or Slayer.

If  were to chose a song to begin with, I’d pick “Vile Defloration” because it tells in a great way what kind of band Depravity are: a hardcore band with some finesse. The perfect match of harsh vocals with very well played guitars and blast beats. I’ve got praise drummer Louis Rando. The guy really knows how to spank his drum kit with fury and technique and lots of creativity. The kind of drummer who is able to fill a band’s music up.

“Evil Upheaval” is an album that matches perfectly two distint moments: cruel and brutal death metal in songs like “Despondence” and moments of great technical finesse like in “The Great Divide.” But, it’s not that simple. Well, as you know never it is simple as those moments are combined in the same song. And that is what makes Depravity great. This musical contradiction that arises from each track. As you know, the great deal of extreme music is the approach to real life. Thus, music gets so ambivalente and complex. No wonder. Songs like “The Great Divide”and “Tormented” show that ambiguity of life. Then, that’s the marvelous of it. In fact, real life is for the strong, not to the weak. And Depravity are strong. The last, but not the least, the title track, “Evil Upheaval,” has a sing along chorus, something unexpected from a death metal band.

Depravity “Evil Upheaval” was released on April 20th via Transcending Obscurity Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Manic Onslaught
  2. Insanity Reality
  3. Repugnant
  4. Despondency
  5. The Great Divide
  6. Victimizer
  7. Tormented
  8. Evil Upheaval
  9. Vile Defloration

Watch “Despondency” official video here: