Der Finger – Le Cinque Stagioni

Der Finger “Le Cinque Stagioni” is a very far from Metal stuff effort in terms of music. Having second thoughs, in its social dimension, “Le Cinque Stagioni” is very near Metal than one could ever imagine due to its desire to be free and to break all musical conventions. In other words, to make music that annoys laymen ears. There are lots of free jazz elements in “Le Cinque Stagioni” due to its drumming and sound and buzzing effects in it. In fact, the saxophone that leads the songs is the most near of a musical normality, if this word applies or means something to the guys of Der Finger.

Well, that’s the innovative and breakthrough burden some albums carry. Innovation is never enough in “Le Cinque Stagioni,” I must say. Besides all the weird drumming and saxophone, tracks as “Zweitracht” have some weirds sonic elements that barely reminds of a bass full of fuzz and out of tune leading it. This effect gives lots of personality – if there isn’t enough – to the album. I’d rather label Der Finger and “Le Cinque Stagioni” as an acid free jazz effort due to the electronic effects and concepts it brings herein. “Le Cinque Stagioni” isn’t for the weak at heart. It takes a lot for the regular Metal fan to listen to all the album.

I’ll tell you one thing, my child of the night; it’s great to listen some breakthrough albums like this. Do you know why? The ideas! Their ideas are so close to Metal that one might think.

Der Finger “Le Cinque Stagioni” was released in March via Toten Schwan Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Verwirrung
  2. Zweitracht
  3. Unordnung
  4. Beamtenherrschaft
  5. Realpolitik