Desdemonia – Anguish

Here’s an album that makes you feel the message the band delivers. It’s been a while I don’t an album title that fits so well with the musical idea performed. “Anguish” is the perfect title for this fourth Desdemonia effort. The feeling goes throughout this album interweaven by the sonorous and shrieking masses of a very well-built Melodic Death Metal.

I can’t avoid making a comparison many will hate, but I’ll do it anyway. Desdemonia reminds a lot the great Amon Amarth. But it’s an Amon Amarth with lots of anguish, pain, grief, and despair. The real thing is that Desdemonia learned the trick and produced exciting tracks as “Cross the Line” which main riffing makes you bang your head at large. Make no mistake, Desdemonia are a riff powerhouse as you can see by yourself in songs as “Endless Fight.” Also pay attention the strong guitar chordly riffing that leads the song. It seems like the two guitars are talking to each other. Even better, they are fighting each other. Another song to point out, as if there weren’t any, is “Revenge” with its very well-build instrumentals with a great drumming with lots of well-put fillings. Don’t mess with Desdemonia, guys. Not on their watch.

I know some people are tired of Melodic Death Metal, but Desdemonia fought hard to stand out from the crowd in “Anguish” which is a hell of a good album. The most important thing in “Anguish” is the heart and soul Desdemonia put on this album. Each track has a different instrumental lead and idea. The best way to define Desdemonia is that they have a Death Metal vocal with Heavy Metal instrumental with some dashes of Thrash. That does it better.

Desdemonia “Anguish was released by Mighty Music.

Track Listing:

  1. Reaper of Souls
  2. Anguish
  3. Cross the Line
  4. Endless Fight
  5. Revenge
  6. Abysmal
  7. Deceiver
  8. Out of Sight
  9. Weakness

Watch “Endless Fight” official music video here: