DESDOMINUS And The ‘Inexplicável Existência’

Formed in 1993 in Americana/SP by Ney Paulino (drums), the only remaining member of the original formation, the band has two demos-tape and three albums released, with which Desdominus gained respect and admiration, establishing its flag on the underground. The fourth album is about to be released this year and despite its current lineup with three new musicians, it will bring the unmistakable DNA, forged during its 28 years of existence.
The band stands out for the quality of its music that permeates with variations from the brutal to the atmospheric and with a great sentimental charge, characteristics that have become striking in the band’s identity. Bringing in their critical lyrics and personal visions, the band is against any kind of religious segment, destroying morals, old idols and old concepts.
Desdominus brings in its curriculum shows alongside big names in national and international metal, which stand out: At The Gates (Sweden), Rotting Christ (Greece), Master (USA), Asphyx (Netherlands), Enthroned (Belgium) , Grafenstein (Germany), God Dethroned (Netherlands), Elexorien (Netherlands), Besath (Poland), Gorgoroth (Norway), David Shankle Band (ex-Manowar) (USA), Krisiun (Brazil), Vulcano (Brazil), Genocide (Brazil), Gangrena Gasosa (Brazil), Dark Avenger (Brazil).


Daniel Curtolo: Guitar / Vocal (2017 – present)

Rodrigo Pereira: Guitar (2019 – present)

Adriano Justino: Low (2019 – present)

Ney Paulino: Drums (1993 – present)




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