Desdominus – Inexplicável Existência Review

My strong feeling is that there two kinds of music in this sad and lonely and pathetic little planet: the bad and Metal. Every time I listen to a band like Desdominus I have this string feeling. You can call a Metal elitist but my strong position is that Metal is in another level of existence. The more bands I listen, the more passionate I get about Metal music. Metal has been in life since 1984, so do the math, it’s almost forty years of an unstoppable and relentless love and cherish. only for you my fan to have a slight idea I’ve been married for less time.

“Inexplicável Existência” is the fourth album of Desdominus a band that has its roots back in the distant year of 1993 being drummer Ney Paulino the only founding member that is actually with the band. My fan may ask how come a band with almost 30 years of career has only four albums. The answer is plain and simple, underground life is hard, my dear fan. Struggling is the right term for what bands have to do to survive.

What attracted me the most in the album was the sharp and melodic guitars that embellish all tracks with their tunes. “Inexplicável Existência” shares equal doses of Melodic Death Metal and Black Metal. It’s hard to tell which one stands out of the crowd in this flawless album. Lyrically the album mixes lyrics in Portuguese and in English. Well, as we all know Extreme Metal is known for having lyrics that the fan may be unable to understand them in both languages. Extreme Metal’s philosophy is that the feeling is more important than the content of the lyrics. Rebellion and anger are both more important than whatever the lyrics could ever pass. But it doesn’t matter at all. For instance, the tittle track “Inexplicável Existência,” which is in Portuguese, is strong enough to make the fan forget about the lyrics. The passion for Metal music the song passes is incredible and will get the fan by the guts. Following track “Belong to Yourself” cools down with a pristine acoustic guitar arrangements to suddenly burst into a full of wrath tune where the guitars are the highlight. Here, again, the sharp guitar phrases take the scene giving a full of emotion sense to the song. Pay attention to the voice doing the duet in the chorus. Amazing.

Ok, my fan, in “Inexplicável Existência” you’ll have an album that will make you believe that the underground is much more than you’ve ever thought it was.

Desdominus “Inexplicável Existência” was released in 2021 via Heavy Metal Rock Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Inexplicável Existência
  2. Belong to Yourself
  3. Misty Dimension
  4. Divine Shadow
  5. My Last Winter
  6. Distortion of Reality
  7. Abyss of Lies
  8. You Are Alone

Watch “Inexplicável Existência” official video here: