Desert Clouds – Planexit Review

What would happened if The Doors’ Jim Morrison hadn’t died in 1970? What kind of music would they be doing right now? Well, no one of us will ever be able to answer this question precisely, but I guess the sonancy would be very near what I hear with Desert Clouds and “Planexit.” There’s no doubt about it. There are so clear references to The Doors here. The entire album has tracks that at least remind a little the band and its vocalist Jim Morrison, by the way, the strongest feature here to remind the band. There is also some moody passages as some bands from the 1980s as The Cult, but they are acessory, not lead. Add to that the lysergic influence of Black Sabbath which turns the album into a full of adrenaline The Doors. Correction, a full of distortion The Doors.

“Planexit” is opened by the Led Zeppelinean riffed tittle track. The opening is heavy and thick with the guitars leading the way to something really heavy. Exactly the kind of guitar riffing that makes me drool during its seven minutes of atmospheric mood interwaeving heavy and moody guitars. Just the way Led Zeppelin used to do in the beginning. Adding gasoline to the fire is the Jim Morrison like vocals that gives the perfect finish to the song. Great track to the fans of late 1960s and early 1970s Heavy Rock with a foot on early Metal music. Dos anybody remember Black Sabbath? Yeah, Black Sabbath are here as well with the same tone of “Solitude” a song that made me have chills the first time I heard it many years ago. Though all this the general mood of the album is The Doors. Maybe because of the mood of tracks as “Wheelchair” and others. This tracks sounds as if The Doors had never ended up or that Jim Morrison is still alive. Or even the following “Staring at the Midnight Sun” which sounds as if the band were staring at the midnight sun.

I know some of my dear fans don’t this kind of music, but I really do as I have explained why many times. I just love the moods created here. I t makes me remember the first time I heard The Cult. Good impression? Yeah, really great impression. Desert Clouds a band to keep an eye.

Desert Clouds “Planexit” will be released by Mandrone Records.

Track Listing:

  1. Planexit
  2. Mamarse
  3. Wheelchair
  4. Staring at the Midnight Sun
  5. Willow
  6. Deceivers
  7. Revolutionary Lies
  8. Pearl Marmalade
  9. Speed of Shadow

Watch “Staring at the Midnight Sun” official video here: