Designs of Chaos – Darkest Storm

11e720cb-6b47-4bba-8f3d-2ea4a293c5f7 Like thrash metal? Wanna hear something new and exciting outside of the Big Four? Well then look no further because Designs of Chaos has got just the shit for you! Their upcoming EP “Darkest Storm” is a 3-track punch to the glass jaw that comes into your ears and leaving nothing but chaos in its wake (not intended joke, I swear). All three tracks come to fuck your shit up with guitars that go at such a break neck pace that it’s fucking ridiculous. The vocals are brutal for their thrash metal style, and fit the guitars and drums perfectly with matching their brutality and speed without hesitating even once. Even the cover art shows the pure destruction that will come out of listening to “Darkest Storm”, but it doesn’t quite capture the satisfaction that you will have while listening to the album. Designs of Chaos have no doubt begun the road to creating at least one successful and awesome full length thrash album that will definitely put them into the metal community’s eye as a force to be reckoned with.

You can stream the track “Strength in Numbers” via SoundCloud here.


Track Listing: 

  1. Darkest Storm
  2. Social Phantom
  3. Strength in Numbers