A “Desolate Grief” From FAAL

Ván Records proudly presents “Desolate Grief” – the third monolith of FAAL! The band was founded in 2005 in the south of The Netherlands in order to create Doom with touches of Black/Death Metal and Post-Rock. Their debut “Abhorrence-Salvation” was released in 2008 and received highest acclaim by fans and critics alike. In 2011, FAAL went back to the studio
to record their second album called “The Clouds Are Burning” (released in 2012), followed by a split release with Eye Of Solitude (UK) in 2015. Beside their recordings FAAL also built a good live reputation and shared stages with names such as Ataraxie, Isole, Worship, The Ocean, October Tide and Mourning Beloveth over the years.
Their new offering “Desolate Grief” will drag you into the depths with its dark, atmospheric and
varied approach!

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Track Listing
1. Intro (2:11)
2. Grief (10:18)
3. No Silence (9:40)
4. Evoking Emotions (9:48)
5. The Horizon (11:52)


William Nijhof – Vocals
Gerben van der Aa – Guitars
Pascal Vervest – Guitars
Remco Verhees – Drums
Vic van der Steen – Bass
Cátia Uiterwijk Winkel-André Almeida – Synths