Despite – EPic


Sweden is by far my favorite country because you get many, many, many great bands like Opeth, In Flames, Arch Enemy; the list goes on! But the metal scene is so f**king huge there that (sadly) great bands tend to slip through the cracks every now and then are only found and loved by a few. Despite is one such band. They have gone through multiple line-up changes in recent times from a new vocalist for their newest album “EPic” to more recent ones like their bassist, Mathias. But the focus for today is the fantastic album that is “EPic” that has been out for a few months now. Now I personally have listened to this album repeatedly since I first heard it months ago and it has been as amazing as it has been since the very first time. Everything from the great guitars that start the intro track “As You Bleed” to the guitars in “Unexceptional” to the both melodic and brutal vocals in “Sanctum Falls”. So unless you are a truly jaded prick, this is most likely the album for you if you want something fresh and interesting. Now I’m not saying this because I’m very well acquainted with the vocalist, Peter Tuthill, I’m saying this as a fan and as someone who can appreciate the fact that Despite has taken the sub-genre of melodic death metal and cranked that up to nine trillion. Despite has recently released a new single titled “Chaos Trigger” (click that for the lyric video on YouTube) which is the first of an unknown amount of singles that are to be released by the band in the future until they decide whether or not to combine those singles into a sort of compilation so they’re all in one place. But “EPic” has received critical acclaim from reviewers all over (and now this one!) so that just shows that even if a small band can put together one fantastic album then anything is possible! This is honestly one of my personal favorite albums of the year. But don’t let that influence your view. Everyone has their opinion, but I do suggest that you at least check this band and the album out because it is absolutely worth at least attempting to listen to it.

“EPic” is available to be streamed for free on Bandcamp here and bought on iTunes here.


Track Listing:

  1. As You Bleed
  2. Awakening
  3. Unexceptional
  4. Give Me Life
  5. Sanctum Falls