DESSIDERIUM Release ‘Shadow Burn’

Dessiderium is the musical diary of Alex Haddad (Arkaik, Nullingroots) born in the Santa Monica mountains of Los Angeles and remaining active under the bleeding sun of Arizona. The moniker is based off of the latin word “Desiderium,” which can be translated to “an ardent desire or longing for something lost.”

The hyper melodic death metal outfit pays no regard to the confines of metal music, opting instead to create a lucid dream world inspired by video game composers, movie scores, and Soundcloud producers, channeled through extreme metal energy and instrumentation. The project has garnered an underground reputation for creating a sound of deep nostalgia for a time never known, accompanied by a sense of melancholy and yearning.

The Arkaik guitarist has embarked on tours with bands such as Aborted, Dark Funeral, Belphegor, Psycroptic, and Beyond Creation. Throughout his journeys, Dessiderium have remained an intimate passion project that serves as a personal creative outlet for the artist.

Moving forward into a new chapter of the solo project’s eleven-year existence, Dessiderium will independently release its most complete and mature album yet, “Shadow Burn,” available via Bandcamp and all streaming services on June 25.

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